-How do I install a theme?

1) Pick a theme.
2) Press “Link to download”.
3) It takes you to whole bunch of numbers)
4) Copy that entire code.
5) Open up the customise.
6) Click on Edit HTML

7) Delete the code already in there.
8) Replace it with the new code.
9) If it wont let you paste in the box, use classic customize.

-How do I remove a fade in your themes?

Find the places that say opacity=0.8 or opacity=80. Change them to 1.0 and 100, respectively.

– How did you make your themes? / How can I make a theme? / How did you make ____(a specific element)____?

I have been meddling with HTML since a young age, so I probably know more than you do. Other than that, the Tumblr Theme Docs are extremely helpful, and so is Google.

– How do I put a header image where the title is?

Find this in your code (if you’re using my themes):

<div class=”butters”><a href=”/”><center>{Title}</center></a></div>

and replace it with this

<div class=”butters”><a href=”/”><center><img src=”URL”></center></a></div>

– What is your current theme?/Can I have your theme?

If my theme is not on my theme blog, it means its personal and you are not allowed to obtain it.

– Can I put more / less columns in your theme?

If there is an option, yes. But other than that, I will not take customisation requests, unless you are paying me. Theme commission info is here.

– Can you make me a theme?

Theme commission info is here.

– The infinite scrolling isn’t working.

Yeah, it glitches every so often. But if you change your number of posts per page to 15, then it should work just fine. If it still doesn’t work, don’t bother contacting me, because I don’t have an alternative way. I’m fixing the glitches at the moment, please be patient.

– How do I add links?

You go to pages, and click add page.

– How do I add links to your theme “AUXILIATRIX”?

Add <option value=”URL”>TITLE</option> directly in front of the </select></form> in the code.

– The ask box says URL not found!

You have to enable your ask box. Go to and tick the ‘Let people ask you questions’ box.

– How do I remove the shadow of the pictures?

Find .img { in the code. Underneath that tag, delete any property that contains shadow.

– How do I make the header image bigger?

Find <img src=”{image :Header}” width=”250”>, and change 250 to 500.

– How do I remove the cursor (small hand)?

Delete this:

body, a:hover {cursor: url(, progress !important;} a:hover {cursor: url(, progress !important;}

– How do I remove the cursor (the cross)?

Delete this:


– The posts bunch up at the end?

Hit the refresh button.

– Your themes don’t work with Internet Explorer!

Are you implying you actually use Internet Explorer? God damn it, switch to Google Chrome RIGHT AWAY.